Campus Ministries


The Campus Ministry Association (CMA) at The University of Alabama exists in order to coordinate and to represent those major faiths and denominations which provide ministry to the university community. The CMA is both an ecumenical and interfaith association. The CMA understands itself to be a part of the university community; and aims to serve it by fulfilling pastoral and prophetic functions. The CMA is a voluntary association. Although we seek to work closely with The University we have no official standing with the University. All of our student ministries are officially registered groups under the Office of Student Involvement. The CMA is not a registered group as a whole.  We do have a strong and long term relationship of cooperation and mutual commitment to shared mission with the University. We invite the University to call on us when we can be of service. We call upon the University when we see areas where we can share input and work together on programs and activities that serve everyone.  The CMA attempts to aid the University in the pursuit of truth, the development of whole persons, and the promotion of peace, justice, and social responsibility. The CMA does not view the University as a setting for faith/denominational competition, but as a field for collaborative ministry. The CMA views its activities as opportunities for pastoral care rather than faith/denominational proselytism. The CMA does not attempt to restrict the activities of its members, but only to give direction to those activities designated by the University and the CMA as common ministries. At times when members feel it is important to express our view on an issue of social responsibility, the CMA should be unanimous in its agreement before that view is presented as the view of the CMA. Lacking such unanimity, individual members are free to express their view for their faith/denomination group.


The membership of the CMA is composed of ministers, priests, rabbis, and religious leaders

  • - Who wish to be associated with and who support its purpose as stated in this document.
  • - Who are willing to be involved in its activities including attendance at regular meetings and financial support.
  • - Who have received the appropriate education for professional and ecclesiastical endorsement within their faith/denominational setting.
  • - Who have been ordained, commissioned, or selected by their respective denominations and assigned full responsibilities for campus ministry at The University of Alabama.
  • - The CMA is limited to only one ministry from any one denomination/group.


Campus Ministry Association:

Baptist Campus Ministries  
401 University Blvd. 35401 
(205) 345-3983
Weekly Schedule:
Tuesdays at 7:00 PM: Discovery at Forest Lake Baptist Church, 107 18th St.
Mondays at 7:00 PM: Small group Bible studies at BCM
Wednesdays at 11:30 AM: Lunch at BCM
Contact info:
Rev. Nate Young, senior campus minister
Kim Andrews, campus minister

Canterbury Chapel Episcopal 
812 5th Avenue 35401 
(205) 345-9590
Weekly Schedule:

Sunday Services: 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. (6:00 p.m. during Fall and Spring semesters)
Wednesday 9:00 p.m. Chaplain's Class, with service at 10:00 p.m. & nbsp
Thursday 6:00 p.m.
Contact info:
The Reverend Marc Burnette,chaplain
(205) 369-6137
The Reverend Deacon Cindy Roff
The Reverend Brandt Montgomery, curate

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry
(251) 359-1903
Weekly Schedule:
Thursdays: 7:30 p.m. service at Lloyd Hall, Room 337

For more events and small group information visit the website.
Contact info:
Martha and Mike Sears, Campus Pastors
(251) 359-1903

Disciples Student Ministry (First Christian Church)
627 Bryant Drive 35401 
(205) 758-2968; (205) 758-5871
Contact info:
Tom Goebel, pastor
(252) 802-1221

Hillel Foundation (B'Nai B'rith)
380 9th Street 35401
(205) 348-2183
Weekly Schedule:
For event times and location visit
Contact info:
Lisa Besnoy

Muslim Students Association 
1416 Paul Bryant Drive 35401 
(205) 758-3382  
Weekly Schedule:
Service on Fridays at 1:00 pm
Contact info:
Hailah Saeed
Tashia Islam
(205) 454-3773

Reformed University Fellowship 
3619 13th Street E, 35404 
(423) 667-3044
Weekly Schedule:
Wednesdays: 8:30 PM in Shelby 1004
Contact info:
Rev. Ryan Moore, pastor
(423) 667-3044

Abby Howell, Intern
Harrison Holbrook, Intern


St. Francis Catholic Church & Student Center
811 5th Ave 35401 
(205) 758-5672
Weekly Schedule:
Sunday Masses: 9:00 & 11:00 AM (7:00 PM Mass during Fall and Spring Semesters)
Tuesdays: Student Mass at 5:15 PM, dinner afterward
Mondays: Spiritual Study during Fall and spring semesters
Weekday Masses (M-F) at 12 Noon
Thursdays: Movie/Activity Night at 9:00 PM
Contact info:
Rev. Gerald Holloway, pastor
(205) 242-6431
Susan Nelms, campus minister

UKirk (Presbyterian Church USA)
1127 8th Street 35401 
(205) 752-8797
Weekly Schedule:
Monday: 6:30PM worship and discussion followed by 7:30pm meal
Sunday Services: 8:45 & 11:00 AM at First Presbyterian Church - 900 Greensboro Avenue
Contact info:
Rev. James Goodlet, associate for campus ministry 
(contact James, if you need a ride to services) 
(205) 765-3773
Rev. Kathy Wolf Reed, associate for young adults 
(205) 765-4203

University Christian Ministry (University Church of Christ)
1200 Julia Tutwiler Drive 35401 
(205) 553-3001 (ext-16)
Weekly Schedule:
Sunday Services: 9:30am Sundays at UCC (UCM Bible study) ; 10:30 am Sundays at UCC (congregation-wide worship)
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM at UCC (UCM worship)
Contact info:
Duane Dixon, campus minister
(205) 765-5103
Andrea Zahler, campus minister
(205) 553-3001

University Lutheran Church
911 5th Ave 35401 
(205) 752-8784
Weekly Schedule:
Sunday Divine Service  10:00 am
Sunday Bible Class 9:00 am

Wednesday Student Supper 7:00 pm
Contact info:
Rev. Charles F. Pieplow, Interim Pastor

Wesley Foundation (United Methodist Church)
505 9th Street 35401
(205) 758-3502
Weekly Schedule:
Tuesday Service 8-10pm, Wesley Foundation (505 9th St.)
Contact info:
Wade Langer, campus pastor
(205) 222-4064
Mike Nakayama, director
(478) 747-1308
Greer Fawley, director
(757) 773-7553
Jay Windham, director
(662) 418-5299

Westminster Fellowship (PCUSA) 
1127 8th Street 35401 
(205) 752-8797
Weekly Schedule:
Monday: 6:00 PM Meal followed by 7:00 PM worship and discussion.
Sunday Services: 8:45 & 11:00 AM at
First Presbyterian Church - 900 Greensboro Avenue
Contact info:
Rev. James Goodlet, associate for campus ministry
(contact James, if you need a ride to services)
(205) 765-3773
Rev. Kathy Wolf Reed, associate for campus and youth ministry
(205) 765-4203